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Synaesthetic Sound Synthesis

By Markus Dermietzel

On 27, Mai 2012 | In | By Markus Dermietzel

Synaesthetic Sound Synthesis

Synaesthesia as natual model for the 3-D-visualization of timbre

Paper, 49 pages (currently german only)


Synaesthetic perception is now evident and has a great influence on european culture history since ancient world.

This project had the objective, to simulate my syaesthesia-subtype with parameters under inclusion of recent results of synaesthesia research. A main objective of the simulation is the use of synaesthetic phaenomena as extended visual soundparameters for musical instrument software and live-electronic performances.
The experimental visual musical instrument SYNALIZER which is based upon this theoretical work was realized with GUI in MaxMSP/Jitter as work-in-progress project.