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About Markus Dermietzel

I am currently Product Owner Content at REWE Digital.

I am keen on enabling the business content and enhance the Portal and eCommerce shop as a product in an agile way. Design Thinking by profession, I appreciate practical and creative problem-solving and a user- and product-centered approach in my work. I am located at Cologne, Germany.

As a Product Owner, I did also agile product management for the eCommerce-Shops of Parfümerie Douglas and Galeria Kaufhof and also enabled and enhanced the business content in both of the eCommerce products.

As an experienced Senior UX Designer, I have been concepting and designing web applications and digital products for various agencies like i-d media, it-startups like sevenload, it-startup-incubator curtis newton labs and well-known brands since 1999.

At the Academy of Media Arts Cologne I did at lot of scientific research on a user interface for the 3-dimensional visualization of music and wrote a book about it.
You can watch some research results at Instagram.

At University of Stuttgart, Faculty Architecture and Urban Planning I did years of research about the relation of music and architecture and wrote a book about it.

Last not least I did a lot of sounddesign under my private label grorec. Have a look at Soundcloud Albums or Soundcloud Playlist.

You can also follow me on Twitter.